Business Integration Services

UAS platforms are able to provide industrial data faster, safer and more accurate than any other platform.

and it can do this at a lower cost than any other tool.


UAS platforms have become the most disruptive technology since the PC.  New use cases are rapidly evolving as the technology grows.

Applications of these platforms are having impact across many industries and that impact continues to grow.


We can bring the right tools with the right expertise that will improve your bottom line.



Mapping and Modeling

We provide non-invasive mapping and modeling services to meet your business needs.  We will provide high detailed accurate orthomosaics, digital surface models and 3D models as outputs that are compatible with GIS and other professional platforms. 

These georeferenced repeatable models enable accurate volume, elevation and distance calculations with 3D mesh and 3D point cloud capabilities.


Aerial Inspections

Increase the speed and safety of infrastructure, building, and hazardous location inspections with high quality video, facade orthomosaics, and first person inspections.

We can get you in fast and safe to inspect and document almost any structure.


Progress Reporting

Your projects and progress are critical to coming in on budget and on time.  We map and model with repeatable georeferenced  maps and models that allow you to monitor progress and identify issues faster than traditional methods.

Our cloud based timeline data can be anotated, measured and shared.


Process Analytics

At Miko Mozi we have an extensive background in process engineering experience utilizing 6-sigma and Lean methodologies. 

We bring a new perspective to your operations and will partner with you to identify inefficiencies, bottlenecks and optimization opportunities that may not have been evident from the ground.


Thermal Imaging (Coming Soon)