Fly With Mozi

At Miko Mozi we have a passion for flying and want to bring you along.


Mozi will provide fully licenced and insured pilots and UAS platforms and give you full control over the camera as a co-pilot.


The UAS industry is quickly evolving with new regulations, legal considerations and equipment.  

Let us worry about the weeds while you fly above them.



Fellow Photographers and Videographers

Our Pilots, your Images

Aerial Images are rapidly becoming highly requested in our industry, but drones are a significant investment both in time and money.  Also, being a great photographer or videographer does not always translate to being a great pilot.

We want you to rely on our skilled pilots to help you create the content your projects demand without the hassle of becoming a commercial UAS pilot.

We have top of the line camera equipment on our platforms and can give you full control of those tools independent of the air frame controls.



Your Specialist in real time

Our pilots will be able to give you a new perspective on the world. Real time aerial information can speed up your operations and reduce risks to employees.

Do you need to do a commercial inspection, look at equipment in a hazardous location, or get a view of your construction project?  

Our pilots can get you there and you can view your project from the safety of the ground.  Our cameras can provide a wide view of area, or zoomed in high resolution view of your target.

You will be able to direct our pilots so that you can get the view you need reducing time and increasing accuracy. And we always provide you the footage of your flight for documentation purposes.


Your Event is amazing, amaze your guests.

Your event is spectacular, let us give them an experience of it they wont forget.

Our pilots can take your guests flying in a First Person View of your event and give them an experience unlike any other

Are you holding a Golf Tournament, opening a new business, hosting a corporate event, holding an open house?  Blow your guests away with a view unlike many others.

The look on their faces says it all....